Keep A Lamp Shining Bright

June 29, 2009


Mattie ‘The Matterhorn’ McFerrin.

She must have to get weekly treatments for neck pain with that 22-pound beehive.

Rub the lamp, you get a genie. Rub the hair, you get a disease.

Mattie’s beehive was never the same after the fiery inferno the night her head got too close to the gas lamp.

Christopher Says:

Glasses like Nana Mouskouri. hair like The Fly, neck muscles like Nicky Lauder. This chick’s got everything!

Karyn Says:

More like Matted McFerret…

mouldysauerkraut Says:

As soon as the black bird awakes himself and fly away, you will realise that the shining thing is bald headed Mattie’skin. But I’m not sure about the genie.

Dave Bailey Says:

Keep a lamp shining bright, because whatever’s nesting in that hair needs to find its way back home.

Pat Harrington Says:

The graceful inverted “U” shape separating the two primary lobes of that head bonnet of hers is the perfect counterpoint to the deep plunge of that V-neck shirt and sweater. Somebody really sweated the small details on this photo shoot.

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