Foster Edwards Orchestra: What’s Next?

February 15, 2008

Foster Edwards Orchestra: What’s Next

I did a little research. In the back of Rolling Stone magazine there’s a story of how Tina dropped out of the Foster Edwards orchestra and went on tour with AC/DC for two wild weeks as a backup guitarist. That was, until the raging bad acid trip backstage. Now she’s a roadie for Winger doing county fairs.

Best guitarist they ever had. Those were the days.

Are you sure it’s not Foster on the left, Edwards on the right, and Bertha Tina conducting?

Dead elephants tell no tales.

…uhhh, what? I think that’s “an elephant never forgets”.

Karyn Says:

And they say most men don’t go in for larger, hairy women with big noses and wrinkles.

darren Says:

Are you kidding? Ian’s all about the senior ladies with a big furry schnoz.

Gavin McWinner Says:

Not as silly as it looks! I used to hate jamming because one of the other band members always forgot the riff.I would gladly swap him now for an elephant that always remembers!

daniel Says:

The answer to that timeless question is:


Quintin Tansey Says:

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