Let Me Touch Him

August 18, 2007

Let Me Touch Him


Only wearing gloves.

…rubber gloves.

Matching gray polyester suits: $29.99. Matching horn-rim glasses: $12.05. Forty-five years in prison: priceless.

“Charcoal gray” rules.

But they look so happy!

I have a dirty mind and I’m just going to keep my mouth shut on this one.


Mike Says:

From the looks on their faces, they already have.

matteratti Says:

I’m sure they all want to touch him real bad, but the 4th guy is the one you really have to watch out for.

If I went to a church and four creepy guys in matching outfits were excitingly singing about touching him, I’d bolt for the exits.

Fins Says:

This album could be a response to The Johnny Carroll album on page 3 of the “disturbing” category of this site.


Ben Says:

LOL…. Fin, you matchmaker you.

daniel Says:

That’s not the album title – those are poorly spaced name tags above the band members.

Touch and Me are always having to keep Him and Let apart because of their ugly creative differences.

Pat Harrington Says:

Apparently the Catholic Church represents just the tip of the iceburg with respect to this disturbing trend among American’s leaders of Organized Religions

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