November 25, 2009

In honor of Thanksgiving (and courtesy of a user submission from Mel!), we bring you… Apache.

It is so epic, I almost don’t want to rip on it.

It takes a real man to wear a buckskin suit with two foot tassels.

The next time I visit the great outdoors, I hope I stumble upon this!

Christopher Says:

If Disco is not dead, what IS that smell?

ck! Says:

Wasn’t aware “Weird Al” Yankovic was scandinavian, um, Apache!

Ben Says:

They win points for historical authenticity. Lewis and Clark would be proud…

Mel Says:

It’s even more awesome the ten millionth time you watch it.

Christopher Says:

I didn’t notice the HQ button till the squaws came out

sonique Says:

i have to go bleach my eyes now….

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