Rymdreglage – Jonny Space

November 28, 2009

Rymdreglage - Jonny Space Instrumental

From the country that gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize…

Now you know why I don’t go hiking in the woods when it snows.

Who knew the clarinet could be so sexy.

Take a tip from Günter and get some ‘Sunshine Girls!’

This is my idea of purgatory — being followed around by Jonny and company.

That guy looks like someone kicked him in the sax.

Christopher Says:

I wouldn't use my surname either…

ck! Says:

OMG, Lebowski’s Nihilists!!!!! http://i45.tinypic.com/2uft4t5.jpg

Peter Says:

Hey guys, do your homework! The Nobel Peace Prize is handed out in Oslo, NORWAY! Not Sweden. But Alfred Nobel was Swedish, just like Rymdreglage.

Ben Says:

Oh we know. We make it a point to screw up the geography. It adds to the insults. You should see how much hate mail we get from Greece.

Michael Says:

Those Greeks are easily insulted. Especially in Instanbul.

Michael Says:


Peter Says:

They are not Greeks, they are Geeks.

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