Steel Panther: Death to all but Metal

November 18, 2009

Steel Panther

Can you believe someone put this in as the free download on iTunes????

Don’t be fooled by the cover–they have remarkable depth.

To steal Bennett’s usual comment, “Poor iTunes.”

We acquired a copy of their production budget from the lead singer’s mom. Line items include a five gallon tub of wrinkle cream, a Teletubbies DVD box set, tailoring of one “slightly soiled” studded leather unitard, and seventy-four linear feet of wig material.

The metal legend never died – it just went shopping at hot topic for a couple of years before stopping off at one of those spray-on tanning booths at the strip mall by my house.

Even the Karate Kid would be jealous of those headbands.

Sweep the leg! Sweep the leg!…. heck, sweep everything.

Karyn Says:

They moonlight as skaters in “Barbie and the Rockers on Ice.”

Karyn Says:

So that’s what happened to Bronson Pinchot. (2nd guy from the right.)

Leslie Says:

What a bunch of pussies u r !!! hahahaha

mouldysauerkraut Says:

“Death to all but metal” ?
These panthers will die too…
Someone has to tell them that they are not robocops.
See the third Steven Tyler from the right to the left ?
Did someone knows (by experience or not) if his black item of “clothing” is fixed between the legs or is just a kind of singlet ?
Did it ends with tights ?

matt Says:

It’s actually a comedy band, d########. “Fat Girl (Tharshe blows)???”

mouldysauerkraut Says:

OK. Comedy band, tragic cover.

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