Waxed Pectorals + Squirt Gun = French Rap

August 16, 2007

Fatal Bazooka - T’as Vu

I’m just really glad those tighty-whities are up that far.

It’s amazing what they can do with latex these days.

I’ll bet he shaves. Let’s just leave it at that.

Stephanie Says:

Ski goggles… the new Oakley’s

Karyn Says:

He’s holding his breath with tremendous ferocity…his eyes are bulging. Only 43 more pictures Pierre shouts from behind the lens. Fatal Bazooka, or Fatty BZ as his friends and his aunt like to call him, strains to hold it in, knowing that opening his mouth will send his rubber body into wrinkly collapse…. or will perhaps cause it to fly around the room spiraling and expelling air with loud farting sounds.

L Says:

I could never express how glad I am to find out that FB is a joke group.


That’s some funny stuff right there.

Dawn Says:

His facial expression, makes me think he has to poop.

bazooka Says:

Well, This is a very interesting.. I will tell my friend and I’m so sure that they will like this.

HempireNetTeam Says:

They say gangsta rap is dying. I tend to disagree, it’s just changing forms and merging with new styles. What we’re doing is a prime example. Check out Kryptik – V.I.P Ft. Crooked I, just google it, I don’t wanna spam a link. if far

Inzematrix Says:

It aint french rap. His name is Mickael Youn, a french comedian. Fatal Bazooka is a character he played on tv and radio.

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