Charles Sedlak

March 27, 2008


He’s so hot, he makes the desert look cool.

Wasn’t this the cover photo of the AAA State Tourist Guide, circa 1987?

Karyn Says:

Awww, gimme a hug!!

Karyn Says:

He’s hot because he’s wearing black.

Ben Says:

He just pnwed the desert.

Stephanie Says:

The hills are alive, with the sound of music…

Tony Says:

if you ever heard him play, you would know he is actually one outstanding guitarist

Ben Says:

Yeah, actually he is! I was pretty impressed with some of the recordings on iTunes. He just needs some help designing ‘tasteful’ album covers.

Fred Garvin Says:

Don’t believe the hype –unjust and generated by himself. This guy’s OK for beginners but a real hack amongst professionals. Do yourself a favor: go see and hear a real musician.

Ben Says:

He and Jaci Rae should get married and have little album arts.

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