Doin’ the Stab – Music for Happy Occasions

February 23, 2010

music for happy occasions

In high BLOODY fidelity!

And a good time was had by… well… at least one.

I wondered if this was on OJ’s iPod.

He’s innocent you know.

Liz Says:

His suit “don’t fit; no convict.”

Mark Says:

Regrettable Music is not as good when the covers are faked


Music for Happy Occasions:
Paul Pincus and his Orchestra

Ian Says:

Yeah, it’s in our “homebrew” category for that reason. I for one think the knives make it much better though :)

"semi truck financing" Says:

“semi truck financing”

Regrettable Music | Ruthless music humor

review Says:


Regrettable Music | Ruthless music humor

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