The Sword-Surfing Evangelist

May 18, 2008


Bibleman says ‘You may be going to hell for misquoting that verse, Gobourne!’

If I could surf a sword, it would be an awesome day!

He’s eating a powdered donut.

That background is from the set of the ‘Bonanza’ TV show!

I think he uses that sword to trim his mustache.

Ben Says:

Is the chick behind him ‘Gospel Meadow’??? What a way to introduce your backup band…

Karyn Says:

Gobourne? Is he related to Jason Bourne? I think the Go part is short for Gospel.

Karyn Says:

He’s eating a berry-flavoured juice bar. With a hankie or kleenx catching the driplets. Flying on a sword with a juice bar….this is an awesome day!

thinking kristian Says:

If you think the sword riding is impressive you should see him jump off…

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