Simply the Best – The Stadium Tour

August 14, 2008

Thank goodness they didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction!

Poor Tina Turner.

This kind of halftime show is the solution to soccer hooliganism the world round! Either that or they’ll riot and kill everyone.

Let me think of a comment… while I take a dump.

Apparently this is the cure for constipation too!

They were the featured halftime entertainment for all of the Bud Bowls and the Westminster Dog Show.

Yeah, they were all tragically killed by a crazed rottweiler who couldn’t take it anymore.

ian Says:

Tina Turner is turning in her grave… and she’s not even dead yet.

Karyn Says:

So these were the losers of the Dutch Idol… you mean they actually made it on to the show? Wow.

Ben Says:

I wish someone would produce a ‘where are they now’ special about these guys. Wow.

Karyn Says:

^ Bibliography: Fail Blog is connected to i can has cheezburger and other favorites like matching faces and graph jam and more.

Hubbaduh Says:

This is so bad that I couldn’t even watch the whole thing…and that’s bad…

Ben Says:

I watched it. TWICE.

Dawn Says:

Wow, that is one of the most horrible performances I have ever seen! I also couldn’t watch it all the way to the end.

John Says:

Ummm.. wow… In the words of Simon Cowell; “That was repulsive.”

Ashley Says:

dude, i think these people are actually retarded

Samy Says:

Its amazing.

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