Dancing in the Midnight??

August 8, 2008

I love Japan.

I just threw up into my mouth.

Personal foul for unsightly use of spandex. Fifteen yards. Do not repeat first down.

I think the middle one is stuck.

Yup, this is your textbook psychedelic spandex cult. If you read the stuff written in the background it appears to be some religious text about God having blessed Zimbabwe!

See… they’re wearing Nikes!

Karyn Says:

Oh my! I just came from a healing service at Bethel. Perhaps I need to go back.

Karyn Says:

At least this one is a video with a mellow front cover pic. You have to push play to see the jiggly-kicks. Those “ladies” are real spandexters.

Karyn Says:

Oh and I clicked the Yatta link expecting to see Sienfeld…. Ian you are cruel. I think you did that one on purpose because of my comments on Granny and the Mannies in Panties.

Karyn Says:

I like Darren’s comment best.

Arjan Says:

I think it’s Japan’s way of starting WW3, agonizing us to death.

MC Says:

You’ve won my blog’s award for the weirdest thing I’ve seen in the blogging village during the past week.



Dawn Says:

Wow, asian men in colored spandex dancing around, there should be a crime against this somewhere!

Ben Says:

It’s punishable by death in most middle eastern countries I believe?

michimichi Says:

Yeah, us Japanese are all crazy….

Tonikaku Says:

mitta koto ga wasareru koto ga dekinain desu yo

adrian Says:

how come the same five dudes comment on all the stuff?

Ben Says:

Check out the FAQ…

Tami Says:

These American Apparel ads get weirder and weirder all the time.

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