Thor – Keep The Dogs Away

April 27, 2010


I think Thor may be wearing fishnets… which is a haunting realization I could have lived without.

I got rabies just from looking at this.

I heart Thor.

Well, Thor apparently hearts Muscle Milk and Mark McGwire’s personal trainer.

Thor needs a session with The Dog Whisperer. For him, not for the dogs.


his dad was pissed when he saw Thor borrowed his good dress shoes

daniel Says:

That’s the single from Thor’s album: Things My Wife Says to Me, including such timeless hits as:

Thor, Keep the Dogs Away.

Thor, Put Your Socks Away.

Thor, Did You Look for a Job Today?

Thor, My Mother Was Right.

Dave Bailey Says:

If I recall correctly this guy used to do what he claimed was a magic act, but it simply consisted of him blowing up a hot-water bottle until it burst. Strength, yes, magic, no. My memory might be playing tricks on me about the ‘magic’ claim, but it was definitely him putting the lip-lock on the bottle.

Pat Harrington Says:

Three years after making the life-altering decision to leave his home in Stockholm to travel to the United States to become the next Aaaanold, “Thor” (not his real name) was forced to make the difficult decision to forego acting and elocution lessons and instead took an alternative route to becoming one of the Entertainment Industry’s “Cultural Elite”: as a Professional Dog Walker to the personal assistants of the Real Housewives of Bevely Hills.

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