Sometimes patriotism means makin’ up the words

July 5, 2008

It’s the Star-Strangled Banner!

Karyn Says:

Mike Humprhey’s Fizzy Tea
Sweetened of liver tree
Dovie’ Icing

Lander’s mice, otter’s hide
Land does zap hill’s grins side
Frumpy Burma decide
Left Freida missing

Ben Says:

Pretty close transcription there. Do you do this professionally?

Karyn Says:

For a small hourly fee. I also do wedding vows, obituaries and television theme songs.

Ben Says:

Even America’s greatest gift to the world of pop music forgot the words…

Ben Says:

And this chick forgets it a FEW times, leaves, comes back for another go, falls on her butt and then calls it a day. AWESOME.

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