O Holy Night – the ‘Bring The Pain’ version

December 17, 2008

I consider minute three the real crux.

Wait till the end. Wait for it… STEADY!

Oh holy crap, that hurts!

Ben Says:

Its…. its… its so BEAUTIFUL.

jeramy Says:

i’m crying. seriously.

Karyn Says:

Stupendous. (That means really, really stupid, right?)

Ben Says:

No, that’s Stupidorificous I think?

Christopher Says:

He’s not so much a Singer, more of a Song-Stylist wouldn’t you say?

Ben Says:

It’s a creative interpretation of ‘christmas joy’? What an ‘artiste’.

Karyn Says:

Well…not to beat a dead blue horse, but stupendous is sort of like a whole sentence…”Stup’…end this!”

darren Says:

You can find an MP3 available for download from the original version by “Homer Slockenheimer” here:


It isn’t too late to “gift” this wonderful Christmas song rendition to a “friend.”

Christopher Says:

I watched this again and I almost choked and had to leave the room till it was over from laughing so hard. 10/10 my favorite post on this site.

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