Stryken – First Strike

April 20, 2010


I’d rather be stricken with polio.

Nothing says ‘metal’ like spandex, miniskirts and moon boots.

Well, when you are just starting out in the rough world of the music business, sometimes you have to raid your mom’s closet and the ski gear in the attic cuz you just don’t have the cash for a pair of new jeans.

Darren Says:

That’s strike number one… two more and they get their extended sentence behind bars!

Ben Says:

Man. I wish someone would just throw one through the batter’s box and get it over with.

Chuck Smith Says:

This band wasn’t all bad, I actually had there album and though the production was poor, the music had a charm to it. I mean, how can you lose with a song called “Crush the Head of Satan?”. And “Rock On” just need some work, but it had great potential….ah the old days :-)

ck! Says:

they look like themselves’ action figures :D

ian Says:

Any rock band with action figures is ok by me.

daniel Says:

Stryken from the Record.

Dave Bailey Says:

Most ‘christian rock’ groups redefine the word lame. These guys reinvent it.

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