Forever is Too Bloody Long

July 9, 2008

Forever? I hope they’re not in heaven!

Thank god the shirtless denim vest was not forever.

You do realize those men’s hands are all surgically attached!


Walkers? I would rather be confined to a wheelchair.

I prefer to avoid absolute words like, “forever” and “always” when discussing music, but this album is a definite “never.”

Karyn Says:

The one in brown looks like the missing link between Sally Field and Davy Jones of the Monkeys.

Ben Says:

I have no words. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit though.

Marc Says:

They were doing it solely for promotion and of course, the women… I’m not sure what drugs they were on.. or perhaps forgot to take.

Ian Says:

The Walkers was a subtle front for a doomsday cult––notice how the guy second from the left has a noose necklace?

Karyn Says:

They look awfully happy for a doomsday cult… they look more like 4 Amish brothers who just sneaked off the farm to Sears to buy forbidden clothing, get fancy haircuts and enjoy the worldly pleasures of the portrait studio.


This is gayer than the words that spell gay.

Nick Says:

If this is what forever looks like I would hang myself with his little noose necklace and gouge my eyes out with the other guys shark tooth.

Mike Says:

Am I the only one who thinks that’s the same guy with four different looks?

sonique Says:

that hair! oh my god, that hair!

Lady Lu Says:

Linked to you guys!

ghostfan Says:

Those guys look like they dance at the Blue Oyster bar from the Police Academy movies.

mouldysauerkraut Says:

Three endangered neck ornement species in the same cover!
That’s why the guy on the left looks a little angry.
May I suggest a… no, I can’t find anything better.
And he even has the shorter hair waves on the neck direction.
Really unfair.

Pat Harrington Says:

Olaf (far left-hand side) was the defacto rebel of the group by virtue of the fact that he flat out ignored the group’s unanimous decision to always be photographed wearing stylish and attractive neckware.

Dave Bailey Says:

Change the ‘l’ to an ‘n’ and the name might be more appropriate.

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