The Nimble Fingers of Jean Pierre Jumez

August 15, 2010


Someone forgot their pants this morning!

Who says you can’t play guitar on the can? Jean Pierre can!

Some of us have nightmares about this sort of thing.

Don’t forget to wipe!

Don’t forget to wax either.

Hey, you’ve gotta do something to sell classical records!

christopher Says:

When Jean sits on the groove, he means business.

Karl Wallace Says:

Oh those nimble fingers.

Jean-Pierre Jumez Says:

I sued ABC in the 70s and was awarded 140,000 dollars by a New York court for this unauthorized cover.

Jean-Pierre Jumez

Ben Says:

Wow… you deserve the $140k! Glad to know you weren’t the progenitor of the concept for the artwork.

Ian Says:

Jean-Pierre, I must know… are those YOUR legs?

Jean-Pierre Jumez Says:

Of course not. But ABC’s argument in court was: “our job is to sell records; we sold it, so what’s the problem?” and “To us, an artist is a mere product; we don’t care whether he is dead, as long as we sell”…

Chuck Nichols Says:

I bought this album in the early ’70s, and it is an excellent album. I was learning guitar on an old Gibson an it certainly influenced me. Great album Jean-Pierre Jumez.

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