Gunther’s Ding Dong Christmas

August 20, 2007

Gunter’s Christmas

Check out the musical selection from this album.

Ahh, more scum from across the pond…

You know that dog is thinking "I hate my life".

Another blow to Swedish nationionalism…

I’m sorry, but no woman is really going to say to Gunther
"touch me now".

Eat your sweet heart out ABBA.

Credited with popularizing the paint-on ‘stache.

You had me at "ding dong."

Skanky, and festive.

Gunther exudes the holiday spirit… um, whatever that is.

Mmmm…. Guuuunther.


Fear it, love it, touch the ‘STACHE!

His mom still plucks it for him.

Karyn Says:

This one is my favorite. He looks like Val Kilmer in the Saint.

ian Says:

Günther is a rare convergence of both the paint-on mustache AND the paint-on chin cleft.

Christopher Says:

No one can look that perfect and still turn out music as art.
One of the elements must suffer.
For me Gunther has the talent of making both suffer.

Ben Says:

He has the talent for making ME suffer.

Kitty Says:

I think I own that same color of lip shimmer he has on

Sven the Sacrificer Says:

Your comments would have been justified, had the cover or the music been made in earnest. “Günther” is however a parody on sleazy German crooners, as seen by Swedes.

Dave Bailey Says:

That has to be a ‘dirty sanchez’.

Keir Says:

Guys- Guenther (can’t type the umlaut on my computer) is supposed to be a piss-take. Just watch his video for the Ding Dong song on youtube. You’ll be filling your site up with Monty Python Sings at this rate.

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