The Curry Family

December 3, 2010


Aaaaaand yet another cult.

It’s a little known fact that they did $8700 in damage to the KOA Kampsite partying after their last concert in the Midwest.

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when you shoot your cover art under an overpass.

Michael Says:

Ten people living in a Winnebago. Gotta love that.

Liz Says:

Really, really bad bridesmaid dresses. Of course, they’re all marrying the same man, so there is a sense of solidarity here.


seeing the size of that camper, that must be how they have to ride; 4 sitting, 5 standing and 1 kneeling

Pat Harrington Says:

After watching the Pilot episode of Promised Land starring Gerald McRaney, Mr. Curry packed his family and their worldly possessions into the Winnebago and headed out West to LA to try his hand at screenwriting and panhandling along Hollywood Blvd.

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