The Lonely Shepherd

December 10, 2010


The follow up to his album ‘Romance Of The Furry Quadrupeds’.

Even the sheep don’t want to be around this!

He killed them all with his pipes.

I wish his mom wouldn’t let him dress himself.

Karl Wallace Says:

Why would anyone even bring up the subject of sheep when the interment and the player for that matter is/are so dorky.
I can imagine the next album, “the lonely cub scout leader”.

christopher Says:

It’s the shirt.

christopher Says:

He’s wearing his “Love Em and Leave Em” shirt.

yo Says:

that belt is straight creepin too…and I like how it features ‘the hit single’

Richard Says:

It’s Zamfir, Master of the Pan Flute. His commercials used to be on late night TV constantly in the 1980s. Somewhere between when this came out and when they did the commercials, someone did make him tone down the clothes to something a little less retina-raping, thankfully.


i have a sudden urge to play checkers. looks like a tag on his shirt sleeve. $11.99

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