Eden: Broadswords and Black Leather Chaps

August 20, 2007

Virgin Steele - Visions of Eden

The sad thing is that "Virgin" is really only four foot nine. He snuck that sword past the guards at the petting zoo.

That horse could kick Mr. Ed’s ass.

I really have to wonder if there is a butt to those leather chaps.


I really don’t picture Eden this way.

Men aren’t supposed to show “cleavage”… and those waist-high boots are joined by zipper to the top.

This reminds me of a college buddy who worked in the breeding stables for a couple of summers. We now fondly refer to him as “The Pony-Pleasurer”.

Bekah Says:

this is like the cover of a romance novel… all you need is a busty maiden riding on the horse

Ben Says:

Yeah, the title ‘Virgin Steele’ does seem to convey ‘bodice ripper’.

Karyn Says:

virgin steel…that means he’s never actually used that sword, right? And the V looks like an upside down A. Hmmm, I think it is more like Airgin Steel fell off the horse, can’t get back on it again, so he stands near it for the photo shoot with a really big piece of black cardboard that he doesn’t dare take into any fight. His sister glued helped him glue part of a table leg on it for a handle.

Möhre Says:

Well, there is no darkness but ignorance.

Good thing that you don’t KNOW Virgin Steele. You wouldn’t understand it.

It’s really a poor sign if people who don’t know anything about music have to have a go at great bands like VS.

Ben Says:

Apparently you learned some words from Ice Cube back in the day. Check out the Blingz N Grillz category – rap has given the world some true ‘gifts’ of regrettableness, some of it almost as good as ‘Virgin Steele’.

dustin Says:

who are these d******** anyway to even think that a normal person would give a **** about their opinions i mean really you obviously have no lives that s why you bash good band like this and i swear to god if we are talking ****** music you all should be making fun of the entire rap category

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