March 30, 2011


They nailed it.

Hector Says:

Should have used the middle finger.

Theresa Says:

I don’t get it. Badfinger was an actual band. With a tragic ending, but nevertheless a real band.

What is this?

Ben Says:

We here at Regrettable Music don’t discriminate between ‘actual bands’ and lesser bands when it comes to suckiness in album art, recordings and videos. If it sucks, it will be laughed at and/or derided.

Mike Says:

Hmm…does that mean we’ll be getting Ass in the near future?

Dave Bailey Says:

To answer Theresa’s question, no, Badfinger didn’t go gospel. They did the music for the 1969 movie The Magic Christian, quite a good film.

Pat Harrington Says:

Starring Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr.. with album cover art by a wannabe Salvadore Dali

Chuck Says:

Good film, adapted from a great book by Terry Southern.

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