Maddy Genets

April 6, 2011


The bar for getting into the French Canadian Musicians Union is apparently pretty low.

Christopher Says:

I have albums by freaky looking real-lifers like these that are simply amazing. I haven’t heard this album but it might be a rip-snorter.

Dave Bailey Says:

Some photographs just defy explanation. And then there’s this one.

Stix Says:

They’re all blind – hence the odd scary expressions.

They play and sing really well, though…

Raymonde Says:

They’re Belgian, not from Quebec.

Pat Harrington Says:

So what are they? Blind or Belgian? Quickly now because the woman in the middle appears to be having a stroke.

Mike Says:

I have been using this photo for a “humorous” screen saver for quite some time now and I never realized that they were blind until today when I read one of the blogs.

Where the hell do they play anyway? Senior centers? Funerals? Dog fights?

Mike Says:

Blind? How about deaf? How can the chick be blind? She’s wearing clear reading or prescription lenses. Hey, I don’t like kicking a dog when it’s down but I don’t care who you are, the pic is gut buster.

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