A Big Thanks To Our Readers…

April 7, 2011

Us boys here at Regrettable Music would just like to thank all you readers for your rabid support. (We’d also like to ask those of you that took the rabies part of that too seriously to cease trying to bite Ian at the bus stop on his way to the office every morning. He screams like a girl and it really annoys the neighbors even while it entertains the rest of us.) We’re averaging over 30,000 page views a month from all over the world! This is due in no small part to your album/video submissions and frickin awesome comments.

We’re looking forward to making some improvements to the site, doing some more prize giveaways and having some of you guest star in our posts. It’s going to be a fun summer ladies and germs, so keep sending us your bad album covers and terrible music videos! We’re looking forward to reaming them!


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