20 Big No. 2′s

April 13, 2011


mouldysauerkraut Says:

Is that a hair bush in prince’s (sorry the artist) love symbol panty? Oh, Mr Culture has girl’s underwear! But who is the guy in the middle, lost in the girl’s room? A b-jizz thinking about the forthcoming Big30cm30no3s? Anyway, he is not going to put his hand off the hole in the wall until the white guy decides to stop looking through his magnifying glass.

buster Says:

That’s ZZ Top’s old bathroom.

Christopher Says:

These guys are hilarious!!! Had their tour poster on my wall for years.
Great find.

Pat Harrington Says:

If this is the mens’room in the Minimum Security Wing of San Francisco’s Municipal Jail I have just two questions: Where’s George Michael and How can I get Arrested?

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