Sheltered In The Arms Of God

April 21, 2011


I agree they’re sheltered.

At the tender age of 7, Freddie decided he wanted to dress like Huggy Bear from Starsky And Hutch. So he saved up all his lunch money and bought a blue leather vest, some medallions, checkered pants and white boots that he wore with no socks. Even his accountant father had to admire his passion.

daniel Says:

Someone ought to teach that little Dickens a lesson…in fashion!

Dave Bailey Says:

Okay, where’s that guy’s right hand?

Pat Harrington Says:

Back behind the Elephant enclosure at his local zoo is where Fred like to deliver his “Sermons from the Parking Lot” series to young boys several years before they reached the age of consent.

Dave Bailey Says:

Just noticed that kid is wearing an ankh, an old Egyptian symbol. Decidedly non-Christian. That should make the baby Jesus crap blood.

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