The Mother of Balloon Music

December 18, 2007

Judy Dunaway - Mother of Balloon Music

Check out the musical selection from this album.

This music sounds like a nine minute fart accelerated into chipmunk-time.

Only small animals can hear this––and they’re crying!

This is payback for all those times her parents told her to “quit it with the balloon!!!!”

Yeah, she was disinherited by her parents at a tender young age.

This song reminds me of the scene where Jason stabs all those dumbass kids.

While listening to this track, Ian screams:

What the…. NAAAAAAZGÜL! The Dark Lord approacheth!

Mike Says:

Hopefully the father of balloon music was smart and got the hell away from her!

Barney Says:

January-March 2001
Review of presentation of “Duet for Jumbo Balloons” and “Flying F*ck” as part of the “Lobreden auf Eros (In Praise of Eros)” exhibit at Moltkerei Werkstatt in Koeln, Germany (excerpt)
Translation from German: “In “Duet for Jumbo Balloons,” the American performance artist Judy Dunaway demonstrated two giant balloons as a sound-fetish, by sliding Walkmen or vibrating dildos gently along the thick outer skin of the giant balloons. The piece was reminiscent of Matthew Barney’s choreography. In a second work (the sound installation “Flying F%ck”), the artist worked with smaller, transparent balloons along with dildos (vibrators), which — if turned on — filled the area with a soft roar.”

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