The Mike Kenny Orchestra

May 9, 2011


His day job is a UNIX sys-admin.

But he’s only a level 6 admin. Notice he doesn’t have his black belt suspenders yet.

Christopher Says:

Mick was a teacher and a friend of mine. Sadly he passed away from complications after receiving a simple blood transfusion that was tragically contaminated with AIDS. One of the most talented, greatest and funniest musicians in Sydney. Even after Mick was mugged in Sydney and beaten close to death, he recovered fully and never lost his sparkle and sense of humor. To him music wasn’t just about doing a good job, it was about creating an event. Trumpeter, keyboardist, writer, friend, Mick as he was known to his closest friends is truly missed. I would appreciate if you removed this cover from the site guys. It’s a bit too personal. Thank you.

Ben Says:

Thanks for the note, great to hear the backstory on what sounds like a great guy!

Pat Harrington Says:

Sorry Chris but I just can’t seem to help myself…

During the long lunch-hour recess, Mr. Kenny liked to take a break from sweeping the halls and cleaning the bathrooms and sneak into the Music Hall to conduct the voices he heard in his head. When he was done, he cleaned the blackboards and closed the door quietly behind him and resumed his normal duties…

Christopher Says:

Hey Pat, what can I say to a reply like yours that is belligerently lame and not even remotely close to funny?

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