101 Ways to Wear a Flat Bed Sheet

September 9, 2008

Jaci, why would you do this to yourself? Honestly, why?

Did she wrap her head in toilet paper?

She’s showing off one of her favorite styles from her book 101 Ways to Wear a Flat Bed Sheet.

She’s missing an ARM!

Rotating and balancing every 5000 miles is important or you’ll tend to get lopsided wear… as we see manifest here.

I would tend to disagree… I think you could push a river with those!

Christopher Says:

This one obviously made it because it’s the best of the whole day’s shoot, you know, show’s off her new figure, hides the face, usual top shelf stuff. She’s a motivational speaker and writer. I don’t know what she charges per hour for her advice but I’d love to hear what she says about this cutting room floor fiasco.

Karyn Says:

I JUST realized that she isn’t leaning against a concrete slab. Wow, those cliffs on wet sand sure make one heck of an optical illusion.

Karyn Says:

Can’t push a river….especially while standing by the ocean.

Ben Says:

I could make a comment about flotation devices not being necessary for Jaci while she’s on the river, but I won’t.

Tony Says:

best part about this is that shes at a beach… not a river.

Tony Says:

on the ocean i mean.

cuz u know. rivers can have beaches too.

Zach Says:

Holy Crap. I used to work at a record shop and we kept a copy of this CD on the wall behind the register as a joke. I found your site through stumbleupon and I just about pooped myself when this popped up.

Ben Says:

According to that link above, Jaci Rae is more than just an aspiring country singer, she is also an expert on Christmas and popcorn???

“Jaci Rae is considered an expert on Christmas (see her site: http://www.christmaswithlove.com) as well as a food entrepreneur with a very successful product available at Whole Foods. http://www.grannysnaturalpopcorn.com

Karyn Says:

Ben – If she isn’t a Proverbs 31 woman, I don’t know who is. (It’s also obvious she makes her own clothes.)

chris Says:

What is sad is so many people waste so much time on hate and making fun of others. While you had her album behind the counter as a joke, the simple fact is that she made an album and your employer purchased it for sale.

Never stop learning and growing…stop wasting time on hate

ian Says:

Yeah, definitely. Zach = such a hater.

Ben Says:

Chris… honestly now. Are you related to/married to/secretly in love with Jaci? You can tell us. Really… it’s ok.

Ben Says:

Actually, Chris. ARE you Jaci???

Karyn Says:

Oooh! A real celebrity in our midst!!! I’m so excited I could pee my…bedsheet. No, that’s not it…

Mike Says:

This is what happens when you try to wrestle your way out of a straight jacket.

daniel Says:

Can’t Push-up Bra.

Dave Bailey Says:

Nice boobs.

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