June 2, 2011


This album is crap.

I ate my own poop last night.

Ben Says:

Jr. High always comes back to haunt us all.

mouldysauerkraut Says:

Let’s check our teenage hard rock band cd cover list…
4 black t-shirts with at least one reference to Greenday, done.
2 guitar and one bass, done.
1 set of drums, not enough room in front of daddy’s garage.
Dumb look, practice needed (except for our drummer).
A great offensive title, done.

buster Says:

Say they hate Taylor Swift; have sixty pics of her on laptop.

Michael Says:

I bet that ten year old in the front plays a mean guitar.

jo jo mcjojo Says:

the dude in the front has a bass guitar you dumb ####.

No Name Says:

Thanks for clarify that. A ten year old playing bass is much more realistic.

The Mule Says:

You know they wanted to call themselves “Sh*tFist”, but mommy wouldn’t let them. Maybe when when they get older…

Pat Harrington Says:

Noone has anything better than Mule’s R-rated version of the band’s preferred name. Nailed It!!

Doug Stone Says:

You’ll pardon me if I don’t shake any of your hands, kids.

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