The Simmons

June 3, 2011


And the Lord smote them with floral patterns and pumpkin ties.

And on the 7th day He rested.

mouldysauerkraut Says:

There must be a secret equation between the tall of
female hair-dos / wigs and the number of flowers on clothes made out at home with tissus coupons.
A touch of good taste saw work, indeed.
I made it… seems to tell us the proud mother’s eyes.
Her big boy has her hair (and glasses) but with Mr Simmon’s hair-cut.

buster Says:

Mrs. Simmons passed away six months before this photo was taken. Mr. Simmons, your dress isn’t fooling anyone.

Pat Harrington Says:

Initially, Matt Groening was inspired to model a series of short-form cartoon features scheduled for broadcast on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club based in part on the Simmons Family… but ultimately he was corrupted by Satan and went in a completely different direction – except for the hairdo of the lead female character.

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