June 14, 2011


I own that shirt.

Run, ladies! Run as fast as your little chubby legs can manage.

Wait, he’s wearing a wedding ring.

That means someone didn’t run fast enough.

Tammy Says:

You know… they call the accordion the world’s best

Yeah, baby- Shagadelic!

mouldysauerkraut Says:

Are you sure that women are in danger ?
The wedding ring says yes, but the cufflinks…

Stop your thumb training and leave the stage, Valentino “Magic” Cordovox,
those instruments can REPRODUCE !

buster Says:

Since the Liberace Museum closed, looks like Valentino has the run of the place.

Theresa Says:

Wierd Al made it okay to play the accordian…

Pat Harrington Says:

Valentino is obviously a musician’s musician who knows that the Cordovox is to Accordions as the Stradivarius is to Violins.

Chuck Says:

This website is scary, and I mean REALLY freaking scary. I just know I’ll have nightmares after this, but I can’t stop looking at the albums. It’s like seeing heads rolling in front of your car when slowing down for an accident.

And these people vote.

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