June 27, 2011


It’s like a graphic showing the evolution of man.

I can’t tell which end is which.

Ain’t nobody picking up those hitchhikers.

Michael Says:

Do you think they had any groupies?

Christoper Says:

No comment from me.
This band is Strictly for the Ladies.

Christopher Says:

For a second there I thought the band was called Kill Freaks


Don’t give up hope, boys. There’s rumors about a remake of the movie Deliverance.

Dave Bailey Says:

Wow, the only normal looking one is, um… Hmmm, he must have missed the shoot that day.

Pat Harrington Says:

Apparenty chaperones at high school dances in Scandanavia are not as preoccupied with the so-called “ruler’s length” of space in between “the naughty bits” of partners on the dance floor as are their American counterparts.

MrAlexAllan Says:

That´s the first bid to success of the Trailer Park Boys.Bubbles was the lead singer.

Zut Says:

This will replace the big ugly monster in my nightmares.

Steve Says:

I wonder how many bras they caught in concert

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