Orville’s Song

July 24, 2011


Best blind date ever.

Due to the unique way the BBC is funded, this is the kind of thing they usually wind up producing… it’s the best socialism has to offer.

What kid doesn’t want to hear a puppet duck quack about the gulag?

Is that Gene Wilder?

Christopher Says:

Orville’s peanut allergy is no joke, you guys!


What’s more entertaining than audio of a ventriloquist? In this case, the cover photo.


This was PBS’s runner-up to Elmo.

Andy Says:

Close Bennett, it’s the lovechild of Andy Kaufmann and Gene Wilder.

daniel Says:

So…Orville named his puppet Keith Harris?

That’s awesome.

Doug Stone Says:

If you love hearing ventriloquists sing as if they are a Duck then this is a MUST buy for your collection!!

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