Stonewall Jackson

December 14, 2011


Its the white Junkyard Dog.

That’s an insult to Junkyard.

Christopher Says:

The face is a distraction.

Could have been “Camel Knees”, or “Dry Heels” or “Sweaty Palms”… no, he’s got the district’s ugliest posterior. But how would they know?

And I get the feeling he’s not all that tall either…

mouldysauerkraut Says:

Even with the ass against the wall and totally stone, I will refuse to listen to Jackson’s music.

Dave Bailey Says:

Great big stetson – check
‘Cool looking’ feathers stuck in it – check
Chain necklace – check
Rough he-man scowl – check
Probably can’t tell one end of a horse from the other without a diagram – check

Yep, gotta be a country and western singer.

Pat Harrington Says:

Is that a chain necklace or his labradoodle’s choke collar?

hinty Says:

The album title is a quote of the performance review he got from his last four “Backstage Bettys.”

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