The Gambler

February 8, 2012


That suit is a bad bet.

That looks like a whalebone corset… made out of denim.

Kenny knows when to hold ‘em, fold ‘em, and burn ‘em.

This explains the chest hairs I found in my Kenny Rogers Roasters.

What a beard, what a man.

Wayne Says:

Yer blog is called Regrettable Music, not Regrettable Denim Suits. Stop messing with Kenny, f******.

Ben Says:

Kenny earned his place on Regrettable Music when he told his tailor he wanted a whalebone corset made out of denim for his album cover photo shoot.

mouldysauerkraut Says:

So, no number one during the vintage years ?

All the golden nuggets he won on gambling stands perfectly on his denim, but the cleavage is too short (not for me ! for the medallions). Too bad for the interrogation mark lucky-charm jewell, he is standing on the cheater’s bloody wall now.

Pat Harrington Says:

I see the problem. Kenny, the order of procedures should have been Hot Wax followed by Plastic Surgery…

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