Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday

May 28, 2012

John Bult

JB really knows how to throw a great party!

“Julie, we need to talk about child protective services.”

“So when we get up in front of the judge, make sure you tell him you’re 18!”

“Julie, I know this is hard to accept, but now that you’re 16 you must shave me every day.”

Pat Harrington Says:

Nothing says “Happy Birthday Special Girl” like being coerced into ditching the last two periods of the day to share warm, flat beer and smokes with your mom’s estranged ex-boyfriend, “Uncle” Rickie… especially when he still holds the lease on the single-wide you and mom call “home.”

jdelaney Says:

If you think the album cover is bad, you should check out the song on YouTube.

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