The King of All Taverns

October 20, 2008




All hail the jowls!

Double collar. Double chin.

Karyn Says:

Trogdor the Sideburninator!!!

Karyn Says:

Hmmm….they are large, but not quite the jowls of death.

Karyn Says:

Perchance is that an African violet? (Or is it an English violet? ….one can only tell by checking the velocity)

Rich Says:

The hypnotist from Office Space comes to mind here. “deeper and deeper, waaaay down”

mundotaku Says:

Just put some eyeglasses and you have Peter from Family Guy in the 80´s

Mike Says:

Maybe he can sell enough albums to buy a jacket that will button.

Alter-E Says:

Is that Chris Farley’s dad?

Pat Harrington Says:

His neck is 7-1/2 months pregnant. What the hell was he doing 8 months ago???

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