The Electric Eclectic Amish LP

October 22, 2008

Selling records to the Amish? Why do I doubt they’re topping the pop charts…

I wants to churnz some butteh!

Electric? Apparently not even the mule is orthodox!

Victoria Says:

Am I the only one who sees a subversive Democratic influence on this album? ;)

Seriously though, Amish get around the rules more than people expect. I live ina 50% Amish populated area. (awkward grammar, sorry…)


Ben Says:

Well, where the heck are the Amish going to find an ELEPHANT there in Pennsylvania?? They are kind of hard to kidnap out of circuses. I guess they are stuck being subversive democrats for the moment.

Ian Says:

This is a mule. Technically the Democrat’s symbol is an ass.

Karyn Says:

We gonna rock down to Amish Electric Avenue..

Karyn Says:

Tim Gunn’s guide to style episode 45: The Amish Brothers

“Well, Jacob, you’ve done a really good job here accessorizing to distract focus away from certain features. With that hat drawing attention, no one notices the birthmark shaped like the world’s worst pair of glasses on your face.”

Karyn Says: A very classy site if I do say so myself.

Ben Says:

Their donkey, ‘Ezra’ gave BIRTH OVER THE WINTER? WHAT?? Oh man, that is so screwed up I don’t even have words.

Karyn Says:

The Amish were the first to package seeds and invented those little swivels on the bottom of school chairs.

Karyn Says:

“Is the Amish calendar the same as ours?”

“The Amish use the same yearly calendar that you use. We might add that November is the month for weddings – spring, summer, and fall months there is too much work to be done and in the winter there’s the risk of unfavorable weather. Also, Tuesdays and Thursdays are the days for weddings – these are the least busy days of the week.”

Karyn Says:

Amish pick up line:

So, after you vote, what are you doing on Election day, the first Tuesday in November?

Karyn Says:

“One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just isn’t the same….”

Amish Sesame Street

Alter-E Says:

Three asses and a mule

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