He-Man Sings ’4 Non-Blondes’

January 15, 2009

Oh my God, how I try…

Don’t doubt the power of Mr. Cringerpants.

My, my, how those purple pants do cup, lift and separate!

Where’s Orko?

Who the heck is Orko and how do you know this stuff, Bennett? NERD ALERT!


They used special background selections from My Little Pony in this video. Dazzling and sassy!

Yeah, and how do you know that?

jeramy Says:

this is a whole other level.

Christopher Says:

This is hilarious! Who is this guy? It’s so, um, sensitive.
I think it IS the background of My Little Pony, courtesy of anyone who ever babysat in their lives, thank you…
The kitchen cutaway scene with the beat pounding away behind the door during the song is pure gold.
Champagne Comedy

Karyn Says:

That made my night!!! Hah!!!! So, have you noticed that in the disco floor dance sections of this clip he dances as if he were an plastic action figure?

Christopher Says:

I have new insights into my friends’ overwhelming inability to dance thanks to Karen. They learned their dance moves on the bedroom floor with their toys, combatting evil with plastic action! And they wonder why I go to dance clubs without them…

Arjan Says:

it sounds like a distorted The Cure version

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