Rupaul Sings Your Christmas Favorites… Sort Of

December 18, 2008

Ho, Ho, NO!

Ho, ho, NO!

One was too much.

Ian, you know RuPaul is a dude… right?

What???!? No!

jeramy Says:

who thought this was a good idea?

Ben Says:

VH-1, apparently. I knew there was a reason I don’t watch music TV anymore!

Karyn Says:

Wow! Sisters! They’re like triplets, but how come one is a blonde-blonde, one is a redhead-blonde and one is a brunette-blonde? Is that some kind of crazy birth defect?

Bennett Says:

Thank God this cover is blurry and out of focus… DO NOT FOCUS, DO NOT FOCUS!!!

Ben Says:

Two words. Ray Finkelstein.

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