Boas Festas

December 20, 2008

I can’t stop looking at it!

I can!

The Christmas album for fans of Chucky…

…and Teddy Ruxpin.

Karyn Says:

Now….is this about snakes and bald uncles? Or about showgirls and Mexican-themed parties and naps?

Karyn Says:

Is this how Santa lives forever…through cryogenics?

Karyn Says:

I just love to hug my friends. Snuggle close, Little Sister and Brother Bear.

Karyn Says:

Is it wax or plastic? I can’t tell. Or maybe fondant?

Karyn Says:

(That doll’s hands look like Christmas cookies.)

Christopher Says:

That old formula at work!
If the LP is crap just use either almost naked girls or fat men with beards on the cover.
Definitely in the timing.
I hope we all learn something from this…

Karyn Says:

Yeah!!! I am offended at how much of that girl’s face you can see!!! And her naked cookie hands!!!

Ben Says:

Santa has this look on his face like ‘I’m tha MAN, and you be knowin it. North Pole REPRESENT!’

Ian Patterson Says:

The top right reads: “Musica Popular.” In this case the genre is a wild exaggeration.

Karyn Says:

Maybe that translates as music to be played for poplar trees?

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