Canadian Christmas

December 21, 2008

This must be French Canadian.

The bottom says, “Sixty musicians and singers.”

I don’t see ‘em! Those musicians must be shoved up the butt of that rocket.

Ben Says:

Looks like Santa pimped out an ICBM he found on the black market in Easter Europe. And found a naughty dancer to ride shotgun for his Christmas Eve 'sleigh rides'?

Karyn Says:

That’s a blingin’ rocket!

(Can someone help me? I can’t tell if that’s supposed to be diamonds or tinfoil?)

Karyn Says:

Looks like Santa’s been watching a little too much Xanadu this year!

Karyn Says:

As advertised? Where was this advertised? And how was this advertised? I don’t think small children should know the answers to these questions.

Ian Patterson Says:

Under NO circumstances should Santa Clause ever be portrayed riding a Harley or having a naughty dancer on his sleigh… or rocket… or WHATEVER!

Karyn Says:

Easter Europe? Is that where the famed Faberge Eggs originated?

Christopher Says:

Yeeeee Haaaaaa!
Doctor Strangelove it is…

Christopher Says:

I’ve been thinking…

Bikini-ish babe + fat bearded guy = this one’s gotta sell

Look, I’d buy barbed wire if this pic was on the pack, ok?

Ben Says:

Actually, I’d buy a barbed wire SHIRT if it came with a bikini-ish babe. Probably not if it came with the fat bearded guy.

Karyn Says:

Wow, I am so glad this site has such classy commenters. You continually wow me with your respectability, common decency and goodwill toward mankind.

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