The Klap

December 22, 2008

He’s got the KLAP!

Don’t pull his finger, Lizzy!

Never accept candy or gifts wrapped in burlap sacks from strangers, little girl.

Fortunately he’s not Swedish or he’d have a hatchet along with that burlap sack!

Karyn Says:

Lizzy’s Christmas list:

1. A good lawyer to sue my hair dresser.
2. Better parental oversight.
3. Mace.

Kiera Says:

Santa did have a knife, but it was photoshopped out. Never has any Christmas imagery terrified me so much.

Sven the Sacrificer Says:

Actually, he was Swedish. Although I have to admit I don’t understand the hatchet reference.

Wom Taits Says:

Where’s your little brother? Um, gee. I….I haven’t seen him in awhile.

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