Dan Foley – Hummer Extraordinaire

December 19, 2008

It is not often that we here at Regrettable Music really find a wonder! Today, we are privileged to present to you Dan Foley as he hums your French favorites.

Check out our musical selection for today’s post!

A fine example of what happens when you are Canadian and you can’t play hockey.

The crickets at the end of track #2 are a nice touch.

I think he’s humming out of his ass.

Karyn Says:

My, he’s got himself quite a dish, hasn’t he? I guess French humming is very popular with the ladies.

(Bennett, your comment was tacky and revolting. I disapprove.)

Karyn Says:

AAAAAAAAAAhHhhhhhhhhHHHhHH!!! I just listened to some of it!!!!!! That is horrendously creepy!!!!! Aghast!!!! I am not laughing. I am angry!!!!! THIS “HUMMING” IS OFFENSIVE!!!! AND MORE TACKY AND REVOLTING THAN EVEN BENNETT’S COMMENT!!! I STRONGLY DISAPPROVE OF THIS ALBUM!!!!

Ben Says:

Jeeze… Dan sure knows how to schmooze the older ladies, don’t he? Is his next album titled ‘Forbidden Love’?

Ian Patterson Says:

Is that the fabled beehive hairdo, or is there another name for that awesome monument on her head?


Karyn Says:

Well, it sure ain’t a wasp’s nest!!

Karyn Says:

(But no, I don’t think that’s a beehive. Beehives are more of an updo piled on the head in a smooth round mound….like a cone head made of hair only slightly less pointy. Think 93% of women on the Farside.

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