Christian Crusaders

January 28, 2008

Christian Crusaders With Al Davis

No wonder the militant Muslim world hates and fears America!

Crusading to spread the gospel of mutton chops to the world!

“Just win, baby!” –Al Davis Al Davis

MG Says:

Minutes after this photo was snapped, Horace Ganderling, the guitarist for the Christian Crusaders, unzipped his pants and pulled out 3 heavily stuffed athletic socks.

L Says:

You see that kid in the back? He’s thoroughly convinced that he is, in fact, pimpin’!

Ben Says:

He IS pimpin’. That’s his girlfriend he’s got his arm wrapped around. Either that or it’s his mother.

Karyn Says:

Hmmm… he looks too young to be pimplin’ let alone pimplin’.

Karyn Says:

I mean pimpin’.

Observer Says:

I don’t understand why people post always the same thing everywhere, like this photo.

Yes, it’s funny but I’ve seen it on almost five hundred other sites.

ha ha ha

Ben Says:

It’s an oldie, AND a goodie…. =)

Christopher Says:

Unfortunately, this is a roots classic bad cover.

Christopher Says:

Until now I though the guy on the rock was a siamese twin of the tall guy

Leopoldo Fronick Says:

Good job, keep up posting.

Alter-E Says:

Gluttony is a sin. REPENT!!!

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