Lord of the Lobsters

August 16, 2007

Lord of the Lobsters

Oh god, it’s horrible. (Speaking about the music
behind the man

Many are called but few are… frozen?!

I for one welcome our new lobster overlords! All hail the crustacean nation.

How did he get those abs? Maybe he’s a deep sea diver!

How do lobsters put up with this crap?

This is a perfect time to give someone the gift of bad music.

Ben Says:

The remix video for ‘Many Are Called (But Few Are Frozen)’. I love the captions saying ‘LET THERE BE LOBSTERS’.

Alex Says:

Shouldn’t it be “Many are cold, but few are frozen?”

Ben Says:

Good point – he blew the chorus hook there! You should co-write with him.

Karyn Says:

Hmmm, it looks like he draped some gold satin polyester over the chair that Santa sits on in the mall at Christmas time.

Gavin McWinner Says:

You have got to hand it to old Leki! I bet he gets his daily dose of co enzyme Q10.

Andy Says:

Actually no. Very few are called. Maybe one was called…and that was because we got desperate and started going through the phone book.

Andy Says:

What Baron Davis is doing during the NBA lockout…

alex Says:

many are cooled…?
Extraordinary glasto gig.

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