Manfred Sings: Love Songs (with a New Accent)

January 30, 2008

Manfred Sings: Love Songs (with a New Accent)

He’s trying a new accent because his first three albums in his native Latvian tongue didn’t sell well Stateside. With redone versions of “Babay, You Sweet Den Borscht” and “Love Yew Liek Chernobyl”.

This cover design was done in ballpoint pen on a cocktail napkin in “Little Sasha’s Vodka Parlor”.

Yeah, each copy is hand drawn by his mother.

I think she’s done two so far… one for him, and one for her.

He looks like he’s singing into an electric shaver.

Arpit Says:

Dude, that looks like Ben! ;)

Karyn Says:

I think his name is just Fred. He added the Man part to make sure for sure that you know he’s a MAN.

Karyn Says:

I agree on the electric shaver…unless he’s behind the counter at Burger King with a white sheet and a thrift store tuxedo. Manfred Voss, Night Manager at Burger King.

Ben Says:

That SO does not look like me! I’m WAY more sexy than Manfred, and you know it Arpit. =)

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