Colonel Sanders’ Tijuana Picnic

February 4, 2008

Colonel Sanders’ Tijuana Picnic

He sings, he dances, and he fries chicken!


This slightly edged out the Hamburglar’s “Heavy Hits” in 1974.

verm Says:

Wow, get a load of the size of that takeout box!

Ben Says:

Many many chickens died for this picnic.

Ian Says:

Thanks, Mon Mothma…

Rick Lebherz Says:

It’s nice that the Colonel brought his own bucket with him. You never want to join a random family under a tree at a picnic empty handed.

Ben Says:

This would be so much cooler if he brought a bag of Wendy’s burgers.

sonique Says:

follow-up album ” montezuma’s revenge”

Josh Says:

He doesn’t actually sing in it

daniel Says:

Nothing says “family friendly” like Tijuana. Is the daughter slamming a Batanga?

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